Dr. Pogue Attends National Association of Corporate Directors Audit Issues Conference and Pursues Board Leadership Fellow Status

Dr. Pogue Attends National Association of Corporate Directors Audit Issues Conference and Pursues Board Leadership Fellow Status

Phoenix, AZ — February 18, 2011 — Dr. Laura Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Complete Consulting, Inc., a leader in online education, attended the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) 7th Annual Audit Committee Issues Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, on February 7 and 8, 2011. Dr. Pogue is a member of the Phoenix Chapter of the NACD, an organization that advances exemplary board leadership and helps its members stay abreast of current board leadership issues and practices.


“In the past, I have served on educational advisory boards, as well as on the board of directors of the Michigan-based Capitol Bancorp Limited,” says Dr. Pogue. “Since then, boards of directors are being held increasingly responsible and laws have changed to reflect that shift. I’d like to serve on a board again and am ensuring I have the broad knowledge base required to do so effectively.”


This year, the Audit Committee Issues Conference focused on the impact of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of July 2010, which has ushered sweeping changes into every aspect of financial regulation and SEC reporting. Evaluation of a company’s compliance, governance, risk, and whistleblower processes, among other issues, were also addressed. The conference was sponsored by KPMG's Audit Committee Institute, NACD, and the law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP.


Dr. Pogue has undertaken the NACD curriculum to become a Board Leadership Fellow. The curriculum, which requires a foundation course, skill-specific electives, and collaborative electives, is designed to build technical expertise and to inform boardroom thought leadership.


“As a management instructor and CEO, the NACD curriculum contributes to my professional development goals and continuing education,” says Dr. Pogue. “I have learned so much from these classes, conferences, and seminars and, through them, continue to build on my career, experience, and research in a structured way.”


Dr. Pogue has already earned 42 credit hours by attending NACD learning-based events on auditing, nominating and governing board members, health care reform, and other issues.


“Boards of directors are becoming increasingly diverse and board composition is another key issue,” says Dr. Pogue. “Pursuing a director position on a board offers an exciting opportunity that would harness my industry experience, technology experience, financial acumen, leadership skills, and more.”


Dr. Pogue will be attending the NACD Directorship Forum on “Driving Boardroom Innovation,” scheduled for spring in New York, New York. She also plans to attend the Master Class, a requirement for aspiring NACD Board Leadership Fellows, to be held during the summer in Wilmington, Delaware.


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