Dr. Pogue Presents on the Emerging “Classroom in the Cloud”

Dr. Pogue Presents on the Emerging
“Classroom in the Cloud”


Las Vegas, NV — October 26, 2010 — Dr. Laura Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Complete Consulting, Inc., a leader in online education for colleges and universities, presented on cloud computing in the classroom at the SMB Nation 2010 Fall Conference in Las Vegas on Friday, October 22, 2010.  The annual conference attracts member information technology (IT) consultants who serve the small and medium business (SMB) market in the United States.

“This venue connected me with the technology professionals who can help colleges and universities switch to cloud Learning Management System software, such as Moodle or Sakai,” says Dr. Pogue. “The number who are doing so is on the rise — and for good reason.”

Historically, colleges and universities have purchased and relied on propriety LMS software managed through internal IT departments. With the introduction of cloud-based LMS software in the mid-2000s, institutions have discovered cost savings and quality advantages that have caused them to rethink the old model.

"With cloud computing, institutions tap into the cloud and pay for services used, much like we do with electricity,” says Dr. Pogue. “Costs and availability of the LMS system align with fluctuating enrollments. Better yet, students and instructors find the switch to be seamless.”

“Cloud computing also makes life easier for administrators,” says Dr. Pogue. “Capital IT costs go down, cost efficiencies are realized, and student satisfaction goes up. Plus, critical concerns over security and accreditation requirements are being successfully addressed.”

“Many students are familiar with the cloud from such popular websites as Facebook,” says Dr. Pogue. “Cloud-based LMS software is proving incredibly popular and just as easy to use.”

User access and continuity of operations are highly reliable with cloud-based systems. Students log in without glitches or delay and get on with their class work, which translates into quality delivery and satisfied customers.

Quality delivery continues to be a driving force in admissions marketing, institutional ranking, and accreditation. “Our company has a best practices model, including a patent-pending business process, for assessing the quality of online education,” says Dr. Pogue. “Classrooms in the cloud can go a long way toward ensuring quality benchmarks are achieved.”

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