CEO of Michigan-based Complete Consulting Discovers the State's
Splendor from 5,000 Feet Up

CEO of Michigan-based Complete Consulting Discovers the State's
Splendor from 5,000 Feet Up

Pontiac, Michigan - June 15, 2010 - Dr. Laura Pogue, aviator and CEO of Complete Consulting, Inc., a leader in online education for colleges and universities, took to the Michigan skies over the recent Memorial Day Weekend to try her hand at aerobatic flying. Her longtime flying coach, Barry Sutton, flew with her in the Super Decathlon, a light airplane specifically designed to handle the stresses of aerobatic flight. 

"I saw Michigan from a whole new view," says Dr. Pogue. "Including upside down."

Sutton and Dr. Pogue took off from the Oakland County International Airport in Pontiac, Michigan, approximately 15 miles northwest of the Complete Consulting, Inc. corporate office. 

"I launched my business in Michigan in 2001 and earned my private pilot's license here in 2003," says Dr. Pogue. "Michigan is a great place in which to learn, to grow, and to enjoy the scenery from a few thousand feet in the air." Dr. Pogue is a licensed instrument-rated commercial pilot, and also holds a complex airplane endorsement, high-performance multiengine rating, and a seaplane rating. 

Decorated in bold red bands and white stars, the Super Decathlon carries the nostalgia of a summer air show. Yet it's a powerful, efficient, and capable aircraft used frequently for aerobatic training. 

"Because of its design, the Decathlon lets people engage in situations they've never been in before, such as vertical pitches," says Sutton. "As a flight instructor, I help them break the mindset of fear that can come with new challenges." 

Sutton coached Dr. Pogue through progressively difficult maneuvers, from banked turns to hammerhead turns to 360-degree rolls. According to Sutton, a pilot looks out the window 95 percent of the time while flying aerobatics to gauge the position and direction of the plane. A Michigan native, Dr. Pogue was aided by her familiarity with the landscape and landmarks below. 

"Southeastern Michigan has an incredibly varied landscape and showcases its changing beauty during all four seasons," says Sutton. "Flying on a clear day, you can see the outline of the entire thumb of Michigan and Lake Huron beyond. It's spectacular." 

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