Dr. Pogue Supports Career Colleges at the 2010 Annual Hill Day and Policy Forum

Dr. Pogue Supports Career Colleges at the
2010 Annual Hill Day and Policy Forum


Washington, DC - March 10, 2010 - Earlier this week, Dr. Laura Pogue, CEO of Complete Consulting, Inc. attended the 2010 Career College Association Hill Day and Policy Forum in Washington, DC.  The program included a day of forums to brief attendees on policy developments that affect postsecondary education, and a second day of face-to-face meetings on Capitol Hill with elected officials.

"Career colleges are essential in providing skills-based education to students who go on to contribute greatly to our economy," says Dr. Pogue.  "As an industry advocate, the Career College Association mobilizes career college leaders to attend and to present a unified voice to Congress on their behalf."

Elected officials rely on the Career College Association for these annual updates.  "Through intense discussions, our members work with Congress to educate them on the issues that affect career colleges across the country," notes Dr. Pogue.  "It's very exciting to see up close how our members work with our legislators to help shape administrative policy in the US Department of Education."

This year, more than 250 career college leaders and 100 students met with elected officials on Capitol Hill and emphasized the importance of career education in our economy.

Another highlight of the Hill Day program is the annual GREAT Awards (Graduate Recognition for Excellence, Achievement, and Talent), which recognize career college students who have overcome extraordinary difficulties to achieve their goals.  Congressional representatives spoke at the ceremony to commend their home districts' awardees and to remind their legislative colleagues of the value of a career college education.

"Hill Day continually broadens my knowledge base, extends my circle of influence, and, ultimately, makes me a more effective educator and entrepreneur," continues Dr. Pogue.  "Volunteering and supporting the Career College Association keeps me close to the pulse of career colleges and well-informed about the opportunities that lie ahead."

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