Dr. Laura Pogue receives high-performance multiengine certification in the 600 hp Cessna 310R

TUCSON, AZ — January 18, 2010 — “I love the stability, speed, and power of the Cessna 310R,” said Dr. Pogue, aviator CEO of Complete Consulting, Inc. following her certification training on January 10, 2010 at the Double Eagle Aviation flight school in Tucson, Arizona. “Successfully piloting a 600-horsepower plane, which is more than double the power I’m used to, increased my confidence and made me feel incredibly capable as a pilot.”

Dr. Pogue started flying in 2003 under the tutelage of Sam Ragland, Chief Pilot at Double Eagle Aviation. Ragland was also her flight mentor in the Cessna 310R. “Although Laura initially came to me with reservations,” said Ragland, “my expectation was that she could do it — she could become a proficient aviator. And here she is six years later with not just one, but two multiengine ratings under her belt.”

Familiar with the jet-like lightness and flexibility of the multiengine Diamond Twin Star, which she flies regularly, Dr. Pogue was eager to challenge herself to fly a completely different type of multiengine craft. Built in 1977, the Cessna 310R is considered a conventional multiengine airplane. Fully fueled, it weights more than 5,500 pounds, climbs the air at 1,662 feet per minute, and can reach a maximum true air speed of 207.

“As a pilot and an educator, I am always learning,” said Dr. Pogue. “Every new aviation endeavor broadens my experience and makes me more versatile. Flying the Cessna 310R taught me a great deal about managing more power, as well as handling three levers per engine for the throttles, fuel mixing, and propellers. Each type of multiengine plane also brings its own set of safety considerations.”

Dr. Pogue earned her instrument rating, commercial license, and complex airplane endorsement with Ragland in 2006. Her successful completion of ground and flight training in the Cessna 301R earned her an additional high-performance multiengine rating as stipulated in the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 14, Section 61.31(f). She also holds a seaplane rating.

“Laura is a highly proficient pilot-in-command,” said Ragland. “She has proven to be capable in a variety of flying situations and aircraft.” As CEO of Complete Consulting, Dr. Pogue uses her pilot license to her advantage to travel extensively in her role as an educator and advocate of online learning.

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