Complete Consulting supports research on career colleges through the 21st Century Workforce Fund of the Imagine America Foundation

Washington, DC – December 7, 2009 – Dr. Laura Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Complete Consulting, Inc., a leader in online education for colleges and universities, is pleased to announce Silver Level sponsorship of the 21st Century Workforce Fund of the Imagine America Foundation, the foundation arm of the Career College Association (CCA). The 21st Century Fund was created in 2007 to elevate public understanding of the role of career colleges and their students nationwide. Since its inception, the fund has received more than $2 million in pledged sponsorships.

“I am proud to know that our sponsorship goes directly toward studying the economic impact of career colleges, the role they play in meeting the skilled worker shortage in the US, and public policy issues relevant to higher education,” says Dr. Pogue. “We need to better understand and support career colleges — their contributions to the US economy are vital.”

In 2008, the 21st Century Workforce Fund published a new research report,"Filling America’s Skilled Work Shortage: the Role of Career Colleges". This landmark report assesses career college program alignment with 33 occupations in healthcare, business management, computer and information systems, education, communications technologies, the legal profession, and the culinary arts. According to the report, nearly 650,000 openings will occur annually in these high-demand occupations, 22% of which could be filled by career college students. In specific fields, the fill rate could be much higher. For example, students from career colleges could fill approximately 89% of annual job openings in the medical records and health information technician fields.

“Those of us who work with career colleges need credible and current data to better understand how we can provide the most appropriate educational support,” says Dr. Pogue. “Our nation’s more than 2,800 career colleges can play a much larger role in fitting workers to anticipated demand in well-paying, specialized occupations and rekindling our economy.”

Sponsorship of the fledgling 21st Century Fund is already strong. Other name sponsors include such leading names as Pearson eCollege, Blackboard, McGraw-Hill Companies, and numerous other private investors, colleges, and educational corporations.  “Investors and companies, many of which support career colleges in an advisory capacity, also need data so that they can invest wisely in the educational programs, training, and resources that prepare our current and future workforce,” says Dr. Pogue.

As a supporter of the CCA, Dr. Pogue will also be attending the Career College Association 2009 Investment Conference: Doing Well by Doing Good in Washington, DC. This annual conference brings together current and prospective investors with colleges leaders to explore debt and equity markets; understand the economic, demographic, competitive, and regulatory facture that define the higher education marketplace; and learn how Wall Street analysts and investors view and measure the sector. Special guests this year will include the Honorable Congressman John Kline and Under Secretary of the US Department of Education Dr. Martha J. Kanter.

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About the Imagine America Foundation

The Imagine America Foundation, formerly the Career College Foundation, was established in 1982 as the research, scholarship and training provider for the nation's career colleges. For more information, visit

About CCA

The Career College Association (CCA) is a voluntary membership organization of accredited, private, postsecondary schools, institutes, colleges, and universities that provide career-specific educational programs. CCA has more than 1,400 members that educate and support almost two million students each year for employment in more than 200 occupational fields. These schools and colleges graduate approximately one-half of the technically trained workers who enter the US workforce each year, and also provide retraining for displaced workers and skills upgrading for a wide variety of public and private employers. For more information, visit




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