Dr. Laura Pogue Lands at the "Airport in the Sky"




Santa Catalina Island, California, October 8, 2009  – Dr. Laura A. Pogue, owner and founder of Complete Consulting, Inc., landed a multi-engine aircraft at the “Airport in the Sky” on the Santa Catalina Island, off the coast of California.

The approach end of Catalina's runway 22 begins at the edge of a 1500' cliff. The runway is only 3,000 feet in length. This gives the airport some characteristics similar to landing on an aircraft carrier that is 1,602' in the air.  The uphill slope of runway 22 also adds to the challenge.

"Catalina Island is an airport on the top of a cliff, in the middle of the ocean”, stated Dr. Pogue. “As an experienced pilot, I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve my piloting skills and this was definitely one of them. I flew around the Catalina Island airport a couple of times in the Twinstar to feel the winds and observe the field.  Since there are no familiar visual cues for altitude reference, I relied on the G1000 instruments and my experience to safely land the Twinstar.”  

Interested parties were able to track Dr. Pogue’s actual flight from Mesa, Arizona to Santa Catalina Island, California, as it took place, on the website www.flightaware.com, utilizing the aircraft tail number.

Through flying, Dr. Pogue lives her belief of lifelong learning as ongoing navigation, a high-level skill acquired through proper training, tools, and practice. In blending her corporate experience, passion for education, and love of adventure, Dr. Pogue has created a unique and matchless business model. As an aviator CEO, she enjoys the distinct freedom and mobility to provide her clients expeditious and exceptional service.

Since she began flying in 2002, Dr. Pogue has spent hundreds of hours in flight and classroom training. “I love the fact that there is always something new and exciting to learn about piloting and aviation. One of my goals is to “walk the talk” as an educator and demonstrate to my students and clients the importance and joy of continuous learning and improvement as a way of life," according to her.

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