Laura Pogue Earns Doctorate Degree

Research Reveals Consolidation Strategies Among Automotive Brake Suppliers
Strategic Alliances Predicted for the Future*

ROYAL OAK, Mich., Dec. 10, 2002 – Dr. Laura A. Pogue, president and chief executive officer of STRATEGIC MARKETING AND FINANCIAL RESOURCES, INC. , graduated with a Doctor of Management degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix in November. Her doctoral dissertation, titled “North American Automotive Brake Supplier Industry Trends,” identified the corporate strategies driving the consolidation of automotive brake suppliers and forecasts dramatic changes ahead.

“My research shows that it is likely that the North American automotive brake supplier industry will end up with approximately four major suppliers by 2005, given the push on behalf of the vehicle manufacturers in favor of one-stop-shopping,” Dr. Pogue said. “This consolidation will dramatically impact the present tiered structure of the brake industry and the relationships between suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.”

Dr. Pogue, who also holds an MBA from The University of Michigan, researched the North American automotive brake supplier industry consolidation that occurred from 1996 to 2000 to determine if there was a common corporate strategy driving the “merger mania” during this period. Her research was based on extensive surveys, interviews, and presentations with automotive brake supplier leaders, executives, industry analysts, automotive trade organizations, and government leadership.

The research findings confirmed that North American automotive brake supplier industry leaders have chosen to adopt and/or continue their global positioning and vertical integration strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage and achieve profitability.

Numerous surprises were also revealed within Dr. Pogue’s research findings. For example, industry leaders foresee the future of the automotive brake supplier industry dominated by strategic alliances. Other insights were obtained in regard to the issues, influences, and future of the industry.

Dr. Pogue is a dedicated educator, with graduate and undergraduate level academic appointments at several Michigan universities and colleges. She teaches classroom and online courses in the e-commerce, marketing, finance, and management disciplines. As part of her on-going research, Dr. Pogue recently published an article examining the links between intelligence and leadership ability for the 2002 Society for the Advancement of Management International Business Conference.

As principal of Royal Oak-based Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc., Dr. Pogue’s firm provides industry specific solutions to the automotive industry with integrity, intelligence, and innovation, focusing on corporate consolidation strategies.

Previously, she served as President of American Financial Consulting Group, LLC, a Birmingham, Mich.-based firm. She also spent eight years at the Buick Motor Division of General Motors and at Delphi Automotive Systems. Since that time, Dr. Pogue has worked on various projects for DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Corp.