U. S. Steel Tariff/International Trade Article Presented at 79th Annual Western Economics Association International Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 3, 2004 – Dr. Laura Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc., has co-authored the article, “Why Protect U.S. Steel at the Risk of Starting A Worldwide Trade War?” which was presented at the 79th Annual Conference of The Western Economics Association, International session on Open Economy Macroeconomics.

An educator, as well as a business owner, Dr. Pogue and Professor Charlie Johnston, Chair of the Economics and Finance Department at the Baker College Center for Graduate Studies, co-authored the article.

“Why Protect U.S. Steel at the Risk of Starting a Worldwide Trade War?” examines the fair trade versus free trade debate, focusing specifically on the steel tariffs that the US government unexpectedly imposed in 2002 and the subsequent 2003 World Trade Organization reaction.

In researching the article, Dr. Pogue conducted several personal interviews of leaders of U.S. companies involved in the dispute, including:

  • Mr. Lawrence Denton, CEO, Dura Automotive
  • Mr. Daniel DiMicco, CEO, Newcor Steel
  • Mr. Timothy Leuliette, CEO, Metaldyne Corporation
  • Mr. Thomas Usher, CEO, US Steel

In the article, the authors identify, explain, and evaluate the pro and con arguments for protecting U.S. steel producers from importers of foreign steel and describe how this trade dispute could develop into a worldwide trade war.

In addition, the article examines how other economic principles relate the steel trade dispute, including business cycles, different types of competition, and public choice theory of public sector failure.

Results from this research are expected to help policy makers, business leaders, academics, and students better understand why trade disputes develop and how these disputes can potentially escalate into costly, worldwide trade wars.

Those interested in reading the entire article can contact Dr. Pogue at: Resources@smfri.com.

Dr. Laura A. Pogue is the CEO and President of Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc. She and her team of experienced consultants are dedicated to leading clients to increased efficiency, profits, and growth.

In addition, Dr. Pogue is a business educator, with almost a decade of academic experience and appointments at various state, national, and international organizations in the corporate, online, and traditional classrooms. She is also the author of several published articles and research papers.