"Pay for Performance?" Article Presented at the 2005 Society for Advancement of Management Annual Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 4, 2005 - Dr. Laura Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc., has co-authored the article, “Pay for Performance?” which was presented at the 2005 Society for Advancement of Management Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An educator, as well as business owner, Dr. Pogue and Dr. Robert Lee Gordon, CEO of Relax, Inc., co-authored and presented the article, which will be published in the SAM Advanced Management Journal 2005 Conference Proceedings, a publication of Texas A & M University.

“Pay for Performance?” focuses specifically on CEO compensation levels at 80 manufacturing companies listed on the 2003 S&P 600 list, relative to organizational performance results. Based on a review of CEO salaries and bonus structures of these top manufacturing executives, as compared to their respective corporate annual sales, net income growth, and employee growth results, the research concludes that annual CEO overall compensation increases, regardless of the growth in company sales or profitability.

“Based on the findings of our research, there may be greater stakeholder scrutiny of the value of top-level leadership in those companies relative to corporate performance in the present and future,” according to Dr. Pogue. Results from this research are expected to benefit many of the stakeholders of public manufacturing organizations, as they formulate and/or influence corporate CEO compensation policy.

Dr. Pogue is a dedicated business educator with almost a decade of academic experience and appointments at various state, national, and international organizations in the corporate, online, and traditional classrooms. She is also the author of several published articles and research papers.

As the CEO of Strategic Marketing & Financial Resources, Inc., an international consulting firm, Dr. Pogue leads Strategic Marketing & Financial Resources, Inc. clients to increased profitability, performance efficiency, and growth within emerging markets.

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