Dr. Laura Pogue attends 2006 eCollege CiTE Users

Denver, Colorado, March. 9, 2006 – Dr. Laura A. Pogue, an educator and online educational consultant, has attended the 2006 eCollege CiTE Users Conference in Denver, Colorado, to address and discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving online education industry.

“As a result of the Conference, we are better able to address a wide variety of critical issues facing our clients, from Internationalization to Content Management to Strategic Planning and return to them with numerous ideas to improve their educational programs,” according to Dr. Pogue.

Dr. Pogue is an enthusiastic business educator, with almost a decade of academic experience, including appointments at various state, national, and international organizations in the corporate, online, and traditional classrooms at the graduate and doctoral levels. She is also the author of several published articles and research papers in the areas of leadership, education, corporate competitiveness, and international trade issues.

Dr. Pogue is Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc. Since 2001, Dr. Pogue and her team of professional business consultants have proactively served their clients with integrity, intelligence, and innovation, providing educational resources for performance excellence and profitability.

Look for the new Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc. corporate brochure to arrive in your U.S. Postal Service mailbox very soon.