Dr. Laura Pogue earns Instrument Pilot Rating

Tucson, Arizona, May 3, 2006 – Dr. Laura A. Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc., has earned her Instrument Airplane Single Engine Land rating as a Licensed Private Pilot from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Dr. Pogue, an enthusiastic aviator, states that safety was the most important part of her training. “The technical knowledge required to fly an aircraft, in less than ideal weather conditions, combined with rigorous safety training, will make my business air travels much more efficient,” according to Dr. Pogue. Additionally, she plans to add the commercial endorsement to her pilot’s license. Dr. Pogue completed her instrument rating at Velocity Air, Inc., located in Tucson, Arizona.

As CEO of Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc., Dr. Pogue and her team of consultants serve the educational community with integrity, intelligence, and innovation, providing professional business consultants dedicated to leading clients to increased profitability and growth. For more information, please contact Dr. Pogue and Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc. by email at Resources@smfri.com or visit their official website at www.smfri.com.

Dr. Pogue is also a veteran business educator, with almost a decade of academic experience, including publications and appointments at various state, national, and international organizations in the corporate, online, and traditional classrooms.