Dr. Laura Pogue Named to Fittest CEOs for 2006

Detroit, Mich., June 7, 2006 – Dr. Laura A. Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc., has been named one Detroit’s 50 Fittest CEOs in the annual Crain’s Detroit Business contest for the fourth consecutive year.

Dr. Pogue, an avid reader of Crain’s Detroit Business, athlete, and licensed instrument pilot, in addition to business owner and educator, attributes her positive attitude and energy level to her athletic pursuits. She views her schedule of yoga and other exercise activities as an important part of her performance in all of her various personal and professional endeavors.

“Exercise enhances my ability to concentrate and gives me confidence that my physical energy will be able to match my abundant amount of mental energy”, according to Dr. Pogue-Gnatek. “My recent flight training is a great example of how my physical conditioning has enhanced my performance. As a pilot, I am finding that the physical stamina required for the cross-country flights, in addition to the mental energy, is crucial for safe aviation and for the safe transport of passengers.”

Dr. Pogue and her team of professional business consultants at Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc. proactively lead their clients with integrity, intelligence, and innovation, focusing on corporate strategic planning for profitability. Dr. Pogue is also a veteran business educator, with almost a decade of academic experience, including publications and appointments at various state, national, and international organizations in the corporate, online, and traditional classrooms.

Look for upcoming Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc. press releases to arrive in your mailbox this summer. In the meantime, be sure to read the special “50 Fittest CEOs” section of Crain’s Detroit Business on Monday, June 5, 2006.