SMFRI Announces Complete Consulting, Inc. Online Education Consulting

October 10, 2007 – Strategic Marketing and Financial Resources, Inc. is pleased to announce its name change to Complete Consulting, Inc. “Transform your business to the next level of success” remains the Complete Consulting, Inc. corporate tag line.

“The Complete Consulting, Inc. company name more accurately communicates our capabilities to customers throughout America and around the world,” states Dr. Pogue, Chief Executive Officer and President of Complete Consulting, Inc., since 2001.

“We believe that online education plays a significant role in organizational performance and profitability. The name change to Complete Consulting, Inc. reflects our belief that education should be viewed as a strategic investment in the future of any organization to make it complete,” according to Dr. Pogue.

The Complete Consulting, Inc. website, located, will highlight Complete’s expertise and offerings designed to enhance overall organizational performance through the use of online education and training.  Look for the Complete Consulting, Inc. new website announcement and new brochure in your mailboxes, very soon.