Dr. Laura Pogue Attends First Annual Higher Education Investment Conference

December 6, 2007 – Dr. Laura Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Complete Consulting, Inc., attended the First Annual Higher Education Investment Conference, sponsored by the Career College Association. “Seeing the Future in the Age of Private Equity and Public Ethics” was the Washington, D.C. conference topic.

The First Annual Higher Education Investment Conference was a significant event for Dr. Pogue and her firm, since the Conference brings together current and prospective investors with college leaders to explore debt and equity markets and to obtain business insights from some of the most highly-regarded stakeholders in the career college sector.
“As a benefit of the Conference, I intend to take my passion for the education industry to the next level through the enhancement and expansion of my knowledge of educational company acquisitions, ownership, and operations. My ultimate goal is to determine the aspect of the online academic experience where I can be the most influential,” stated Dr. Pogue.

Dr. Pogue and her firm have assembled a portfolio of education and finance industry specific information and contacts. “As a result of the conference, we are better able to address a wide variety of issues that define the higher education marketplace, and learn how Wall Street analysts and investors view and measure the sector,” added Dr. Pogue.