Dr. Laura Pogue Attends BMO Capital Markets’ 2008 Back to School Education Conference

New York City, September 11, 2008 – Dr. Laura Pogue, Chief Executive Officer of Complete Consulting, Inc., attended the BMO Capital Markets’ 2008 Back to School Education Conference.

The 2008 Back to School Education Conference provided a forum for Complete Consulting, Inc. to meet with education company leaders, investment firms, and industry analysts to identify education industry investment opportunities and emerging trends within the post-secondary education sector.

“Strong student enrollment in post-secondary online education programs has made the online education industry much more attractive to new entrants and subsequent investment,” stated Dr. Pogue. Specifically, Complete Consulting, Inc. is evaluating the long-term strategic plans of companies that have entered the online education industry segment of the market and their respective value-propositions.

Dr. Pogue expects the online segment of the education industry to continue to grow at a rapid pace, along with investor interest. “As long as online education providers can continue to provide a quality product and grow their customer base, the online education industry will prosper,” she stated.

Complete Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing online education resources for adult career education, proactively serving their clients with integrity, intelligence, and innovation.