Much like online learning, flying a plane is practical. What could be more efficient than proceeding from point A to point B via a straight line in the air? Also like online learning, flying requires self-direction, discipline, and constant striving toward increased proficiency.

Since she began flying in 2002, Dr. Pogue has spent hundreds of hours in flight and classroom training, including a solo 5,520-mile cross country flight in the highly sophisticated Diamond Twin Star DA42. During the past 15 years, she has earned Federal Aviation Administration certification as an Advanced Ground Instructor, commercial instrument pilot with single-engine, multi-engine, and seaplane licenses and ratings.

Through flying, Dr. Pogue lives her belief of lifelong learning as ongoing navigation, a high-level skill acquired through proper training, tools, and practice. In blending her corporate experience, passion for education, and love of adventure, Dr. Pogue has created a unique and matchless business model. As an aviator CEO, she enjoys the distinct freedom and mobility to provide her clients expeditious and exceptional service.

Dr. Laura Pogue and Twin Star Plane Dr. Laura Pogue and Twin Star Plane Nose Dr. Laura Pogue and Twin Star Plane Cabin