Dr. Laura Pogue

Dr. Laura Pogue combined her passions for aviation and online education, to found Complete Consulting, Inc. in early 2000. Since that time she has been on the leading edge of both industries, through her work within the public and private sectors to enhance their growth and sustainability.

Technology has been the driver of major growth and change in all industries, including aviation and education, and Dr. Pogue continues to lead her clients through the learning curve of technological advancement.

Ever an advocate for the profitable marriage of aviation and corporate America, Dr. Pogue draws on her vast and deep industry, academic, and entrepreneurial experience over the last 25 years as a foundation for her consulting practice and leadership skills.

Dr. Laura Pogue with the Diamond DA-42 Aircraft

Dr. Pogue is on the forefront of the future of aviation and sees aviation leadership as her destiny. As both a beneficiary of aviation for business use and a proponent of aviation as a business tool with her clients, Dr. Pogue promotes air travel as a useful business communication tool, in order to build and develop face-to-face client relationships.

She has used aviation extensively, as the vehicle to work with her world-wide client base consistently and frequently in-person, in conjunction with the enhancement of other technology-related communication tools, such as Skype, email, and telephone.

Dr. Pogue's predication is that the use of aviation for business purposes will skyrocket within the next ten years and that air-travel will remain an essential tool for long-term profitability and sustainability of successful companies, as the value and importance of long-term business relationships transcends time.